Classic Shine Maintenance Inc.

Move In, Move Out Cleaning

At Classic Shine Maintenance Inc. We provide the best Move in / Move out Cleaning Service.
General Cleaning:
  • Wipe & Clean Ceiling Fans, Light Fixtures, Light Switches & More
  • Remove Cobwebs (inside and out, where accessible)
  • Clean Cupboards, Shelves and More
  • Dust, Wipe & Clean Doors, Windows, Baseboards & Etc.
  • Sweep, Vacuum, and Mop Floors
  • Remove marks & Spots on Walls.
  • Streak Free Window Clean – In & out (where accessible)
  • Wipe, clean and vacuum Drawers and cabinets
  • Remove any stains or soap residue on Sinks
  • Clean burners, griller, drip trays, inside oven, and the general body of the stove
  • Defrost and clean Refrigerator
  • Clean thoroughly inside and out of Dishwasher
Washroom / Bathroom:
  • Scrub wall tiles and shower recess and bath
  • Wipe, clean and vacuum Cabinets
  • Clean and remove any stains or soap residue on Sinks
  • Clean, disinfect all urinals & toilet bowls
All our services are 100% guaranteed highest quality service in business.

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